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Bayou Community Foundation’s 2020 Grants Program is OPEN!

Bayou Community Foundation (BCF) is accepting grant requests by email through 5:00 pm on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20 for the first phase of its 2020 competitive grant-making program. Following this initial grant request phase, selected organizations will be invited to participate in a more extensive grant application process (phase 2). Only grant requests received via email by the deadline and complying with the format and submittal instructions below will be considered. 

About the 2020 Competitive Grants Program

2020 BCF Grant Request Form

Eligible Applicants:

Federally approved tax-exempt nonprofit organizations in good standing serving residents of Lafourche Parish, Terrebonne Parish, and/or Grand Isle are eligible to apply. “Good standing” means that the IRS currently acknowledges the organization as tax exempt and the organization’s annual report filings with the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office are current.

Grants Program Description:

Grants will be awarded for programs that address critical community needs in the categories of human services, education/workforce development, and/or coastal preservation in Lafourche, Terrebonne, and/or Grand Isle. To be considered, programs must serve one or a combination of these specific communities; grants will not be awarded to support programs serving other communities. Thanks to the generous support of donors to BCF, the 2020 grants program includes expanded support for programs that aim to reduce food insecurity in our service area.

Average grant amount is estimated to be $10,000; actual individual grants may be larger or smaller than this estimated average. Grant funding period is July 1, 2020– June 30, 2021. The number of grants awarded and grant amounts will be determined by the BCF Grants Review Committee based on merit and total grant monies available by award date.  Mid-year and end-of-year grant reports will be required of all grantees.

Grants are designed to fund the implementation of new, expanded or continuing programs addressing local community needs identified above. Grants will not fund general operating expenses or staff salaries, re-granting programs, endowments, scholarships, scientific/medical research, or private organizations.

Since 2013, BCF has awarded grants to qualified nonprofits in Lafourche Parish, Terrebonne Parish and Grand Isle as part of the Foundation’s Annual Competitive Grants Program.

The program seeks to fund human services, education, workforce development and coastal preservation programs meeting critical unmet needs in our region, many of which have been identified in the 2013 Community Needs Assessment Conducted by BCF.

Traditionally, the BCF competitive grants program opens in early January with a call for initial, one-page grant requests from qualified nonprofits working in our Bayou Region.  A BCF grants committee reviews the initial requests and then selects a number of these requests for a second, more extensive grant application process.  Final grant awards are traditionally announced in June, and the grant funding year is July 1 – June 30.

View a list of BCF competitive grant award recipients here.

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